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This ministry was started in the Summer of 2002 by Mark Stolz. After much prayer about how to use his hobby for the Lord, the opportunity arose to demonstrate a Tesla coil for the youth group at the local church he attends.

The vision arose that if it could be done with the youth group at his church, it could also be done for other local churches. Mark was directed to Dean Ortner in Whittier, CA. Dean heads up the Wonders of Science show that tours the country using science to reach people for Christ.

Excited about the idea of using his hobby for telling people about Good News of salvation through Christ, Mark quickly contacted some other Christian coil builders around the country to see if they wanted to get involved. The opportunities for this ministry to grow are tremendous.

You're probably asking, "well what do they do?" We combine the technical explanation of each demonstration with attention getting high voltage electrical discharges in a unique method of sharing the Good News.

We can also provide an purely scientific demonstration in order to meet the needs of secular environments.


"His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles." Psalm 97:4 NIV

For more information, please contact us at mark.stolz at teslacoils4christ.org


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