This coil is still under construction.

The specs for this coil so far:
38" winding length with 22AWG magnet wire
~1381 turns

Initially this was planned to be 19 turns of 3/8" copper tubing in a 20 degree inverse cone. Lack of funding has altered this plan to use 1/4" tubing, since ~100' of it was donated.

Spark Gap
Using my small SRSG.

Tank Capacitor/Transformer
At this time our MMC array has a maximum capacitance is 40nF. That is greatly insufficient for the power level to produce maximum spark length available from the power supply. Options including a redesign of the MMC array to increase the coils output are being reviewed. The plan is to use capacitive ballast and limit the supply to around 25A-30A.

The plan is a 12" x 36" chicken wire toroid.

9inch 6  9inch 9  9inch A  9inch 1st

Power Requirement: Tentatively 240VAC 30Amp maximum